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Simple Search

  1. On the Digital Library homepage, the Simple Search box appears as below:

  2. Enter your keywords or the document symbol and click on "Search":


Truncation, is a technique that broadens your search to include various word endings and spellings. To use truncation, enter the root of a word and put the truncation symbol at the end.

  • * is the truncation symbol used in the Digital Library

  • you can also put it in the middle of a word or expression

Full-text Searching

Full-text searching of documents/publications can be enabled once an initial search is run. Unless you select "Fulltext Search", your search terms will be found in the description of the document (author, subject, symbol etc.). Selecting "Fulltext Search" will find results in the full text of the documents, when available.

Fulltext Search:

Off On

Note: To search for content in French and Spanish, full-text searching must be enabled. Full-text searching is not currently enabled for Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Boolean Searching

Boolean commands can be used to manipulate the Simple Search. The default boolean in the search box is AND (nuclear disarmament - is equivalent to - nuclear AND disarmament).

  • AND (default)

  • OR

  • NOT

Advanced Search

The link to the advanced search is:
You can also access it from the link Advanced Search at the bottom of the 'Narrow by collection' box on the main page.

Search Examples

Title and document symbol

  • To find General Assembly resolutions that have the sentence 'criminal justice' in the title, but not crime prevention.


Author and Title

  • To find Secretary-General reports on the revitalization of the General Assembly.


Expert Search