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S/2009/473 | 20090918 | Draft Resolutions and Decisions |
Transmits statement of 26 May 2009 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the nuclear test conducted by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on 25 May 2009.
A/63/866 | 20090527 | Letters and Notes Verbales |
Transmits, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement, paras relating to nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation, from the section on "Disarmament and International Secur[...]
S/2009/459 | 20090916 | Letters and Notes Verbales |
Reports alleged violation of Security Council 1747 (2007) by the Islamic Republic of Iran by exporting a wide range of weaponry concealed and declared as civilian cargo on th[...]
S/2009/574 | 20091106 | Letters and Notes Verbales |
Transmits letters dated 27 Oct. 2009 from the Chairman of the Chapter of the Non-Aligned Movement in Vienna reflecting the views of the delegations of States members of the Mo[...]
S/2009/631 | 20091209 | Letters and Notes Verbales |
Refers to para. 8 of Security Council resolution 1810 (2008) and reports that the Committee has decided to establish a Working Group to consider the modalities of a comprehens[...]
S/2009/63 | 20090130 | Letters and Notes Verbales |
Refers to para. 9 of Security Council resolution 1810 (2008) and reports that the Committee is continuing consideration of its annual programme of work and will report to the [...]
S/2009/62 | 20090130 | Letters and Notes Verbales |
Refers to statement made by the United States representative at the Security Council meeting held on 26 Feb. 2009 and refutes allegations made against Iran regarding possessio[...]
S/2009/116 | 20090226 | Letters and Notes Verbales |
Refers to letter from the President of the Security Council dated 30 Jan. 2009 (S/2009/62), and transmits the annual programme of work of the Security Council Committee establ[...]
S/2009/124 | 20090304 | Letters and Notes Verbales |

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